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NEW website
Nov 9, 09 6:42 AM
Guild meeting minutes 10/23/2009
Oct 26, 09 10:04 PM
Saika in hospital
Oct 17, 09 12:18 AM
Saika's account
Oct 8, 09 3:47 PM
Sep 20, 09 12:44 AM
NEW website is: Please go to the new website and sign up! This site will be coming down soon as the new site is MUCH friendlier!


NEW website

MistressSaika, Nov 9, 09 6:42 AM.
We have a new website: which we have found is more friendly. PLEASE sign up on that site as I will be deleting this site soon. See you on the new site!


Guild meeting minutes 10/23/2009

MistressSaika, Oct 26, 09 10:04 PM.
Guild meetings will be held on Sundays at 7:00pm CST.

We are now taking donations for gold and PBI, EXPB's, BI's, SPB's and PSSP to help guildies. There will be a CAP on what guildies can get. We now have 150M gold and 3 PBI's, and 2 BI's donated to the guild! YAY! We will be taking donations at every meeting. You do NOT have to donate anything!

We will NOT be plvling you if the character you want plvled belongs in a different guild! You MUST have your SP and no lower than level 34 before a plvl. Period. You must have PBI and expb's for a plvl, otherwise it is a waste of time. You should also have a +12 to a +15 weapon!

Do NOT pick on high level guilds. We can not defend ourselves if they put us on KOS.

Stay OUT of Prokian, Velpist, and Tomb if you are not there to sp or level or help someone level.

If you do not want to be PK'ed, go to a3 or a4.

RESPECT your fellow guild mates!!!!!!  No name calling, lying, etc will be tolerated! We are a guild "family" and there will be NO drama! Period! If you have a problem, see me, Smokie, or Abba...and us 3 will decide what to do!

Attendance for MCS are for those level 80+. Lower levels make too easy of targets for the other teams. I would GREATLY appreciate those of you who are of that level to attend MCS. Not required, however, but would be nice  :)

Saika in hospital

MistressSaika, Oct 17, 09 12:18 AM.
Bad news, I am in the hospital. Good news...I am leaving the hospital on Sat. Period. MCS is ON!

Saika's account

MistressSaika, Oct 8, 09 3:47 PM.
I just wanted everyone to know that GA Smokie is Temporary GM for the time being as I have been having some problems with my account. If you need to be locked or unlocked, please ask Smokie. I have also been pretty sick lately with some type of flu/cold, so I am not online as much as I would like to be. Thanks for your understanding and patiece are the best guildies ever!



MistressSaika, Sep 20, 09 12:44 AM.
GREAT job at MCS guys! I can NOT believe we had our BEST MCS so far! Over 150 kills/points! I honestly don't think we have had over 50 kills/points before today! AWESOME job! (I think we had 5 members there today, can you imagine what kind of damage we can do if we ALL leveled and were able to make it?)  GO UA! UA RAWKS!
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